09 April 2015


I haven't write in this blog for so long.  Just apdated what's supposed to update. Hahahaha. Here I am, already 18 and I'm no longer a school girl. And guess what? I got ma boyf and he's name is Fazzul Hafiezudin. And when I was 17, I got a new girlfs. We called it POOPERS. Actually I don't even know why the hell we agreed with that name. But most of em came from my class except one person. And we're 8 in total. Fitrah, Amira, Sara, Izzati, Iylia, Rusyafiqah. And our next door member, Hanim. 🙌 and here's another story about our trip to Pulau Perhentian. We went there twice. No, not "we" actually. Its just me, bob, sara & jo. All I can say is it was amazing and I miss it so much. Well, I miss the sea & ma boy. Ok bye. Hahhaha.

Thank you, ILOVEYOU :)


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