25 February 2012

in a complicated relationship.

wow. see the title? hell jyeahh !!! sooo complicated. skrg, aku x dapat lagi nk msj2, col2 ngan die mcm bese. sbb?? his mom & dad laa...~ ssh2. :|
well, parent die nk aku break up ngn die. oh no, not so fast lah aunty, uncle. ingt snang2 aku nk ptus bdoh g2 je. kononnye ganggu plajaran die lah nie?? omayy.. like i care duhh.. smpai mri dpn umh aku kol 11 mlm sume? you know what i called this? TAKDE ADAB. maaf, aku straight to the point. hbis? lau mri umh aku, ingt sume sttle lah nie? kire ptus 2 sttle la? oh sorry, not at all. ingt snang2 aku ikot ckap. agk nye, lau hsband aunty 2 xhlang, mybe aunty trus je pnggl kn? ye, sy ank haji Salleh. ade mslh? you know my parent. cool~

but, seriously, i dont care what you say. tahu mk aku sruh ckp ape? mcm nie.. " sy x lpar la ngn ank mkcik 2." annoying giler kott.. urghh !! k bye.
Thank you, ILOVEYOU :)


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