30 November 2011

Hang around the corner..

damn its awesome !! HAHA ! whats that?? jyeahh bitch ! kind of fun..
last Tuesday maybe..Mady & me went to Izzat's home.. yeahh.. dont you ever think about something okayy?? we went there just want to play a PS2 game.. & online.. HAHA ! kinda fun.. & yeah, for sure.. i lost again !! HAHA ! Faris & his bro were there. so, nothing happen.. because it wont happen ! hehehe... jyeahh.. about 2.30 pm we went there with Izzat's motorcycle. After that, we went round2 everythere, kinda crazzzzzz... but actually, its totally fun. & then i saw AYU infront of her house. HAHA ! freehair baby..with her sis maybe. Yeahhhhh.. & then went to the lagoon.. huahuahua !! greattt.. lets snap2.. :)
haha.. playing around.. & went to the beach.. awesome !! HOHO.. Faris's crazzzzzyyyy.. hahahah.. & FARHAN a.k.a "FUCKwe" Mady, came to us.. Well, he's so annoying. IHATEHIMALOT :)) i'm good right? sure.. HAHAHHAHAA !!! well, that's all larhh.. LAZY :P
arigatou :)
Thank you, ILOVEYOU :)


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